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At International Agent, we specialise in bridging the gap between markets worldwide. Our mission is to simplify cross-border trade, helping businesses expand their reach and thrive in international markets. As a trusted overseas agent, we offer a unique approach to international trade, connecting companies with consumers from a global perspective.

Our expertise extends to navigating international markets successfully, providing comprehensive support for businesses looking to expand into new territories. Whether you need reliable overseas agent partnerships, professional international agency solutions, or expert cross-border trade services, we are here to help.

We pride ourselves on developing effective strategies for bridging market gaps and achieving global reach. Our team of specialists brings a strategic global perspective to ensure your business adapts and excels in the international arena. From comprehensive international trade consultancy to innovative logistics and supply chain management, we cover all aspects of international trade.

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Why Choose Us?

Global Reach, Local Expertise:
We navigate the complexities of international markets with ease, providing local expertise and a global perspective. Our diverse team understands the unique challenges and opportunities in each market, ensuring your business adapts and excels.

Comprehensive Services:

Marketing & Sales: Targeted strategies to reach your audience and boost sales.
Market Entry Strategy: Tailored plans to ensure smooth and successful market entry.
Regulatory Compliance: Expert guidance on local regulations, standards, and practices.
Logistics & Supply Chain Management: Efficient and reliable solutions to manage your international logistics.

Success Stories:

Innovation & Technology

Leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and enhance your global strategy. Stay ahead of the competition with our innovative tools and insights.

Our Services:

Digital Solutions: E-commerce integration, digital marketing, and online sales optimisation.
Market Research & Analysis: In-depth market insights to identify opportunities and mitigate risks.
Customs & Tariff Solutions: Simplified customs procedures and optimised tariff management.
Partner & Distributor Network: Access to our extensive network of trusted partners and distributors.

Client A:

Challenge: Expanding their property sales from international countries into the UK market as well as worldwide markets, while dealing with differing property laws, regulations, and buyer expectations.
Solution: International Agent provided a comprehensive market entry strategy, focusing on local regulations, market trends, and effective marketing campaigns. We facilitated partnerships with local estate agents and property developers to create a strong network.
Result: the client saw a 30% increase in inquiries within the first quarter. Their successful entry into the UK market led to a significant rise in property sales, establishing them as a trusted name in international real estate.

Client B:

Challenge: Entering multiple European markets with a specialised product range targeting skiing enthusiasts. The company needed to overcome language barriers, regional marketing challenges, and complex logistics.
Solution: We developed a multilingual digital marketing strategy, including targeted social media campaigns and SEO optimisation. Our team ensured compliance with regional regulations and streamlined logistics for smooth cross-border shipping.
Result: the client experienced a 40% increase in traffic to their website and a 30% boost in sales. The company successfully established a strong presence in the European market, becoming a go-to resource for skiing properties.

Client C:

Challenge: Scaling their online seafood delivery service to international markets while maintaining product quality and navigating customs regulations.
Solution: International Agent implemented a robust supply chain management system, ensuring efficient and compliant customs procedures. We also executed a digital marketing strategy to attract international customers and highlight the freshness and quality of their products.
Result: the client achieved a 15% increase in international orders within six months. Their streamlined operations and enhanced online presence allowed them to deliver high-quality seafood to customers worldwide, significantly expanding their market reach.

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Address: Link House, 140 The Broadway, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 7HT, UK

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