Hotels for sale and hotels to buy

Are you considering making an investment, one that will change your life? Are you going to go down the traditional route of investing in the residential real estate market or are you going to invest in something on a larger scale? Is it time for a change of career do you fancy the hospitality industry? You may be surprised to know that investing in a hotel is a reliable investment as hotels achieve predictable and constant returns. Sounds simple, all you need to do first is find the perfect location!
Investors carefully choose their hotels for sale, as you would expect nobody wants to make a rash decision. There are many factors to take in to consideration and we are here to help guide you to whatever you are looking for. Location, location, location is paramount and you need to know where the hotel market is thriving. This industry is an attractive market and especially so in cities around the world, this is the obvious choice and it’s probably where you should look first.
It’s a well known fact that hotels to buy in cities are able to weather the ups and downs of economic storms, more so than investing in a holiday resort for example. The hotels you find in resorts tend to be seasonal therefore only busy (if lucky) for 6 months of the year. Hotels for sale in popular cities thrive generally throughout the year. It’s important to look at the hot spots for tourism, so the question is – where are the most visited cities in the world?
In 2017 London in the UK had 20 million international visitors and in the same year Paris in France played host to 16.1 international visitors. But we should also consider hotels for sale in the popular ski resorts of the French Alps and Switzerland they do a brisk trade throughout the whole year as these resorts are open for business in summer and winter and let’s not forget Christmas and New Year when hotel prices are inflated.
Perhaps you fancy looking in far off shores; if it is a career move and a lifestyle choice you want to make. We can introduce you to a range of different locations around the globe. Whilst some investors will plump for a city hotel to buy, some will opt for something they can run themselves. As we know hotels come in all shapes and sizes and of course your budget depends very much on what you can afford.
A hotel can be small and cosy which offers a certain amount of privacy or large and sprawling which house functions such as weddings and has conference rooms. There is a range to suit just about everybody’s requirements from small and intimate or luxury boutique to manor style homes with indoor swimming pools and spa treatments available.
Ask yourself what role will you play will you simply be an investor or become the manager? Hotels are hard work however if we look at the ever popular TV show of the mid 70s Fawlty Towers for example it portrayed a rather hectic hotel set in Torquay which was ran by a mad man basically. Maybe there are hotels out there like Fawlty Towers and wouldn’t we all love to stay there!
When searching for your hotel, look at the location first find an area which attracts visitors year round, you want to look for full room occupancy – an empty room is losing you money!
If in doubt ask us, we can source the perfect hotel for you, you just need to talk to us.