Planes for sale

International Agent planes for sale are indeed a luxury item however they are possibly more affordable than most people realise. Of course, it goes without saying that they are not cheap and you do have to have a certain income or wealth behind you nevertheless as more of us are taking flying lessons more of us have the desire to buy our own plane and it goes without saying planes come in all sizes! So the question is who buys a plane? I guess the answer is someone who can afford one!
When we think of a plane we tend to think of the plane that takes us on our overseas holiday and can seat in excess of 120 passengers and yes these planes are for sale and yes they are expensive as one would imagine. You can buy today a Boeing 737-700 for around $80.6 million and this is big business for the airline companies who invest in this type of plane.
International Agent planes for sale appreciate that the average buyer wants something on the smaller side that can seat considerably fewer passengers.
The smaller planes are ideal for the corporate executive traveller and come in around $2.2 million and this can buy them a business jet and these types of planes can seat around 30 people. The business jet is superb for companies whose personnel travel around the UK and Europe or is ideal for the US companies travelling from state to state. International Agent planes for sale understand the importance of this type of travel and can assist any company who wish to look for a corporate plane or add to their already existing fleet. Helicopters are also used by the business traveller ideal for the smaller journeys and those who wish not to get caught up in rush hour city traffic.
Now we come to the group of people who love to fly and it’s a passion or a hobby for them. In the UK there are airfields up and down the country that have flying lesson schools attached to them and once qualified pilots cant get enough of the buzz they feel when taking to the skies. You can buy a twin-engine propeller plane that seats 4 passengers for around $300,000 and no wonder this type and style of a plane is so popular. This is the plane that the rich and famous uses to get them from A to B without any hassle or delays.
International Agent planes for sale can assist you in finding the ideal plane for your company or private use. With a plethora of planes for sale, we can help you to choose the right one for you. All you need to do is tell us what you want to use the plane for, how many seats you need and we can do the rest. Talk to International Agent planes for sale today and we can get you flying high sooner than you think, it’s what we’re here for!