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International agent – Wine for sale acknowledges the top ten wine producing companies in the world in 2017 and as expected Italy takes the number one slot:
South Africa
During 2017 the world saw a dramatic drop in wine production mainly due to the severe frost across Italy. France and Spain took a hit too but Spain was not as bad as Italy and France. Italy took the brunt of the frost and this meant the top three wine producing countries saw huge declines in their harvest and across the globe wine production fell heavily to its lowest level this century. However, luckily enough the severe frost spell didn’t kill as many vines as was previously feared so the production for 2018 should reach normal levels. Italy lost 23% of its wine production with figures reaching 39.300 million hectolitres compared to its figures of 50.900 million hectolitres for 2016. It could quite easily have lost its first place ranking to France or Spain if both of those countries hadn’t been hit too with the frost.
Europe has been the biggest producers of wine for quite some time however its reported that other countries are looming in the background eager to take the top spots for wine production. It’s a known fact that European countries are making less wine than ever before and the main reason for this seems to be that the EU has had in place an agricultural policy that has subsides uprooting vineyards. This was because in Europe there was an overproduction of wine so by uprooting the vineyards it reduced what was referred to as “the wine lake” The US especially is snapping at the top three producers heels ready to take the top spot as it’s currently at number four in the table.
International Agents wine for sale recently looked at the tables for which counties consume the most wine amazingly the Vatican City was number one with the average resident drinking 54.26 litres per year. Once explained as to why these residents are number one consumers it’s easier to explain. The residents in Vatican City are of an older generation and they dine together in large groups so each evening is more social. The small European nation of Andorra came in second place with 46.26 litres drank and in third place came Croatia with 44.20 litres consumed. It is surprising that the top three wine producers were not further up the list. France came in at 5th place, Italy was in 10th place and Spain wasn’t even in the top 15.
It appears we are lovers of fine wines across the world whether we enjoy a glass or two with dinner or we drink it socially. It doesn’t matter how we drink it a nice chilled glass of white with a fish or chicken course is delicious, a full-bodied red with a classic steak or a fruity Rose or champagne for celebrations it goes down a treat!